YogaGrow creator Sondra Bloxam featured in Origin Magazine!

YogaGrow creator Sondra Bloxam featured in Origin Magazine!

The 12th issue of Origin Magazine brings together 20 powerful women leaders, over 100 yogis changing the world, the top vegetarian athletes, and more! This is by far my favorite publication, ever! Fusing together art, culture, conscious lifestyle, and the movers and shakers of our time, Origin Magazine serves as the world megaphone of advocacy and awareness from the ground up.

So much gratitude for Origin editor, Maranda Pleasant, who gave me the space to share what I believe is important in this life.

To be among women that I admire so deeply is incredibly empowering! This connection of women leaders holds such abundance and great spirit.


Interview with C.C. White: Soul Kirtan Artist

I had the wonderful opportunity of connecting with C.C White after she blew everyone away with her voice and vibes at Pranafest! Such an incredible soul, spreading love with Soul Kirtan..

YogaGrow: You are such a leader in this incredible movement of Soul Kirtan; how did you find Soul Kirtan, or rather how did Soul Kirtan find you?

C.C: I think everyone’s that’s been a part of this beautiful, World of Kirtan is helping to move it forward, and share it with as many souls as possible. I’m happy to be a part of this honored family. I’ve been chanting for quite some time, almost 15 years now, with Wallahs that have inspired me beyond words. Kirtan is a part of my foundation, it connects me to the divine, in a very personal, and deep way, and it roots me to the Earth. As far as *Soul Kirtan* is concerned, I’ve been raised in a very, spiritual and musical family, my Mother is an operatic Gospel singer, and all of her sisters were raised singing in the church too. The foundation of spiritual, gospel, soul, jazz, R&B and southern blues music has been a part of my life since the day I was born, so it’s a natural progression that when I became a Kirtan Wallah/Leader, I would combine my musical roots with it, and it would be called “Soul Kirtan!”

YogaGrow: You have mentioned having a deep love for Oregon, I would love to hear more about that!

C.C: I do love Oregon, the people, the weather, and the open, beautiful hearts! I have the incredible blessing of traveling to many places to share this message of Kirtan and Love, and I never want to stop. I love all of the places that I go to, and every one of them is special to me. When I leave, I carry a piece of that place, and the people from there, in my heart forever. Kirtan is special, it includes everyone, and creates an instant spiritual, and ecstatic connection with all that experience it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…KIRTAN FEELS GOOD!

YogaGrow: What is it that inspires you the most? What is at the heart of your art and why you create?

C.C: The depth and beauty of a person’s heart inspires me. I’ve met some incredible beings. Music and miracles inspire me. They work hand in hand. My biggest inspiration is hope, and this journey called Life. Every moment, every second, I have the ability to discover something new, challenging and beautiful about myself and about others. That allows me to share and pass it on. It’s about the path you’re traveling, the good and the bad. It renews my soul, it’s precious, and such a blessing. I’m so grateful for that.

YogaGrow: What is the most vulnerable part of what you do?

C.C: Vulnerability is sweet, surrender is too. At the same time, strength and courage is just as special. I’m all of these things combined, and I’m human. When I open my heart, let go, become a vessel, and have that kind of divine, musical energy flowing through me in such a rush of pure love, this cannot happen without people receiving and giving it right back to you, it’s life changing.

YogaGrow: What is it that makes you feel fully alive?

C.C: Giving and receiving love, hugging, laughing, chanting, singing, exchanging that kind of real, instantaneous, unexplainable, connection with everyone is what life is all about. When we’re all simultaneously bursting with ecstatic joy, woooweeee…..time just stands still.

YogaGrow: You rocked Bhaktifest and Pranafest! What do you love most about performing at yoga-inspired festivals?

C.C: These kind of festivals with spiritual speakers and leaders, yoga teachers from all over the World, beautiful, timeless chanting with Kirtan Wallahs, great food, amazing vendors, all of these experiences, give us the opportunity to come and gather from different walks of life, cultures, all ages, be it young, old, man, woman or child. The minute we step through that “spiritual door of love” I’ll call it, we all become one. It raises our levels of love, unity, understanding, tolerance, peace and giving. All of these types of festivals help us to achieve that incredible level of ascension, we rise to a higher, sweeter, kinder place, and I believe it sticks. I often speak to people that have never had a Kirtan experience, and after going one time, to festivals like these, they absolutely LOVE it! That’s deep and so wonderful!

YogaGrow: What is next on your soulful path?

C.C: Ohhh so much, we’re about to start working on a couple new CD’s and a remix EP too! It’s so exciting for everyone that’s going to be involved, and there’s much more touring of the World to come! More surprises are on the way, and I’ll let you know as the time draws near about all this upcoming, beautiful news.

YogaGrow: What is your mantra or quote that you live by?

C.C: I have many mantras/quotes that I speak throughout my day, some of my favorites are:

1. How can I serve you?
2. Peace within, Peace throughout
3. Surrender, Release, Receive, Let Go
4. Let My Gifts Be Shared
5. Hug Someone
6. Be Love
7. Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

For some of C.C.’s Soul Kirtan flows check her out on YouTube!

C.C.’s CD “This IS Soul Kirtan!”, an exciting blend of *Soul, Southern Blues, Kirtan, Gospel, R&B, Jazz, and a little bit of Latin Flair is available on iTunes as well!


Love and Blessings!