YogaGrow creator Sondra Bloxam featured in Origin Magazine!

YogaGrow creator Sondra Bloxam featured in Origin Magazine!

The 12th issue of Origin Magazine brings together 20 powerful women leaders, over 100 yogis changing the world, the top vegetarian athletes, and more! This is by far my favorite publication, ever! Fusing together art, culture, conscious lifestyle, and the movers and shakers of our time, Origin Magazine serves as the world megaphone of advocacy and awareness from the ground up.

So much gratitude for Origin editor, Maranda Pleasant, who gave me the space to share what I believe is important in this life.

To be among women that I admire so deeply is incredibly empowering! This connection of women leaders holds such abundance and great spirit.


Ayurveda: The Sister Science of Yoga

ahara rasaAs you start sifting through all the omazing events and resources that lie within the 80+ yoga studios in the city, you’ll find there are many studios that have incorporated wellness centers as a part of their space and offerings. It was through the wellness center at Yoga Pearl and a workshop I attended at Yogiroots Fest, that I began to learn more about the sister science of yoga: Ayurveda.

I was especially excited to learn that among the Ayurvedic resources spread across the community, there grows an Ayurvedic center unlike anything in Oregon, Ahara Rasa! This incredible center is set to open in February 2013 at 5505 SE Woodstock Blvd. in Portland. It and will be the first Women/Family/Yogic lifestyle focused Ayurvedic Center in the Pacific Northwest!! Their community-based approach will involve donating 3% of the profits from their retail to disadvantaged postpartum women and families to give them the healthiest and most balanced start possible.

In a recent meeting with Andrea Shuman, Ayuredic Practitioner and co-founder of Ahara Rasa, I learned more about some of the wonderful things in store for our growing Ayurveda community. Andrea spoke to filling the need for an ayurvedic home that meets the yoga culture, so that the physical body can sustain a physical path. Ahara Rasa will have a full herbal pharmacy, whole medicinal and culinary bulk herbs and spices, Ayurvedic hygiene products and yes, Ayurvedic massage treatments!

I had the opportunity of experiencing a nourishing 4-handed Abhyanga Massage by Andrea and co-ower Amita Magid as well. In this cold wet season of winter it was exactly what my Vata/Pitta doshas needed 🙂

Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old comprehensive medical system of yoga, taking root in our own backyard! It truly takes everything into consideration when meeting all yogic and wellness needs. Please take a look at their Indiegogo Campaign and contribute anything you can to help them bring this incredible resource to the community!

To keep up with the launch of Ahara Rasa follow them on Facebook and Twitter here!

For more information on Ayurveda, check out some of the pioneers in field that have inspired the work of the Ahara Rasa ladies:

Dr. Claudia Welch- Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life

Dr. Sarita Shredtha- An Ayurvedic Perspective on Women’s Health