5 Ways to Put Adventure Into Therapy


(photo taken by Northwest Perspectives, Hood River, OR)

We explore our natural world everyday but more than likely just in passing. For a brief moment maybe you tune into the feeling of the sun, smell the air, filter through the sounds of your surroundings. And if you live in a big city like I do- you might breathe deeply in those moments, and then move on. Maybe the bustle of work takes you to a yoga class if only for an hour. I imagine this is similar to how many of us maintain our baseline of self-care.

So where do we go to deeply heal from the challenges that life brings? Does it all start as inner work? Or could it be that a physical place or practice that is the catalyst for the refuge and replenishment that our wounds crave?  Perhaps it’s through meditation, prayer, or a healer of sorts.

There are many paths to healing, one in particular seems innately powerful. This method of self-care starts at a physical place and transforms into a deeper, mindful connection with life itself.  This path of healing is accessible to everyone, and it naturally shifts the perception of humanness: Adventure Therapy.

The amazing thing is that adventure heals the spirit in many forms, and it is within your reach! The positive emotions that come from the challenges of outdoor adventures are ready to be discovered in the adventures that our mind and body yearn for. There are excursions waiting for us in our communities that will no doubt help us to discover abilities, values, and passions in situations that offer excitement and the unexpected.

Start simple:

1) Hike a new trail

2) Go cyacking, paddleboating, surfing , anything in the water!

3) Try rock climbing

4) Go horseback riding

5) Practice Yoga in nature!

In the Portland Yoga and Wellness community and beyond there are a number of wonderful resources that open the door to Adventure Therapy. Here are a few of the organizations that are a wonderful place to start:

Oregon Active

The Circuit Bouldering Gym:  Getting Started with Climbing

REI- Outdoor School

All Trails




Happy Exploring 🙂



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